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  • We help you hone, refine and develop strong levels of focus and concentration, so you can perform at a more consistent level during every competition.


  • Top Tier Performance takes confidentiality seriously and never discloses who we work with, if you’d like to disclose it, go ahead. We don’t unless you give us permission. Privacy is critical to the trust we have with clients.


  • Athletes are being forced to compete with increasingly higher levels of stress than ever before. Whether it’s coaching, politics of sport or the stress of competition. These and more, are causing young athletes to quit their sport. We will work with athletes to develop coping techniques and teach them the way to manage stress so they can perform under the residing pressures.


  • TTP is dedicated to giving athletes the tools and support to help them manage and develop the inner game. Mental skills training can be one key to helping an athlete continue to develop their skills and possibly get to the next level.


  • We work with individuals, teams, coaches and parents for athletes 13 years and over, helping young athletes build their confidence, play with more composure and reach their peak performance. (Athletes under 13 will need to be pre-screened)


  • We work closely with a variety of teams, all with different dynamics. There is no right or wrong time to start working on your mental skills.


Top Tier Performance is passionate about helping clients build a strong foundation of mental skills to help them reach their peak performance.


TTP focus is on the client! We assess client's needs and create customized plans to help make their goals more achievable. To do this, we evaluate the clients needs through assessments, educate and train them in these skills and create a practice of mental discipline and toughness. These tiers begin with basic skills, and through continuous practice and refinement can finally reach effortless skill execution.


All services aim to improve mental performance and toughness in athletes to help them improve their overall performance.


A systematic approach is taken when working with athletes. This approach consists of...


1. Evaluating the clients needs through an initial intake and mental skills assessment

2. Working with the client to set goals

3. Consistently meeting and working to improve and strengthen mental skills

4. Re-assessing and adjusting if necessary


Skill Execution

Skill Refinement

Skill Practice

Basic Skill Knowledge



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