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Mental Performance training

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  • Is your ability to recognize when you are getting off track so you can get back on track towards your goals.

    • Awareness gives us the power to make changes in our performance.

  • Your performance can be looked at like a Stop Light​

    • Green Light​

      • Positive, confident, specific, powerful thoughts and feelings

      • You are in control of yourself and playing your best.​

    • Yellow Light

      • Questioning, uncertain, vague, and timid thoughts and feelings

      • You are losing control. You are starting to lose focus and mentality helpful to optimal performance

    • Red Light

      • Negative, dejected, apathetic, and destructive thoughts and feelings

      • You are out of control and are beating yourself in performance

  • Yellow WILL happen. Expect it, have a plan and get back to GREEN!​​​


  • Knowledge + ACTION = Power

    • Put what you learn into action. Get 1% better daily.​

      • Actions create results

  • Notice when you hit Yellow and Red moments in your performance​

    • What caused them?​

    • How can you prevent them in the future?




  • Focus is your ability to zero in on the task at hand at the correct moment and time.

  • Our focus can be in only 1 of 3 places.

    • Past

      • Mistakes

      • No Control

      • Sad, Angry, frustrated, regret

    • Future

      • Outcomes

      • No control

      • Fear, anxiety, worry, doubt, pressure

    • Present

      • Where your performance happens

      • In your control

      • Respond to fix past

      • Take Action to create your future

  • We want to be as Present-moment focused as we can when we perform because this is where our GREEN LIGHT performance is.


  • Knowledge + ACTION = Power

    • Put what you learn into action. Get 1% better daily.​​

  • Do concentration grids 4-5x a week for best results

  • Continue to become MORE aware of what light you are in and staying Green MORE often

    • Recognize where your focus is (Have a visual or verbal cue)

    • Refocus - W.I.N. (What's important now) 


  • 2 grids per page:

  • 4 grids per page:

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