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Maximizing your mental game with our scientifically proven mental training techniques and drills for elite performance

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Download our free pre-game mental priming system. Warm-up your mind's focus and awareness, while increasing confidence and resilience in 5 minutes. Use this tool to introduce visualization, mindfulness, muscle control and thought control.

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Top Tier Performance is a mental performance coaching company.

Similar to how athletes train their bodies in the gym, and their skills on the field or court, we create an arena to hone in on the mental aspects of athlete's performance, flex the muscle between their ears, and unleash the abilities they have inside them but might not have discovered yet.

We exercise mental toughness.

We strengthen resilience.

We train confidence and the ability to capture, control, and dominate every situation.

Professional Consulting

Ashleigh Carpentier has always been a competitor and loves sports because of the challenges and lessons they teach. Ashleigh knows what it is like to be in tough situations in sports and life, and what it takes to transform these situations into opportunities to be successful. She played multiple sports in high school and played NCAA Division 1 soccer at Western Michigan University. After completing her undergraduate degree in Engineering, she went into the workforce but quickly realized her heart and passion were still in sports. Ashleigh saw firsthand how sports positively impacted her life and professional success. She realized the need for a space where athletes could come train their mental game, strengthen their resilience and develop leadership skills that would help them in thier sport and life. She went back to get her master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology, which led to her creating Top Tier Performance. Through her master's degree, Ashleigh has learned proven methods and techniques to help athletes develop an elite mindset and reach peak performance.


"Since working with Ashleigh my confidence has increased and my performance has improved."


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